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Rugby is fast becoming one of the most popular sports to take advantage of the live inplay betting markets on offer by many bookmakers. The fast paced, aggressive nature of the game makes it an ideal opportunity for rugby fans to use their knowledge and passion for the game to turn that into bets of which will provide good value.

Whilst rugby betting isn’t as popular as say football or horse racing, the markets over the past couple of years have definitely been on the increase. You’ll be hard pushed to find one of the more established online bookmakers not offering live rugby betting with most offering plentiful markets to satisfy pretty much every rugby bettor.

Rugby is broken down into two codes, Rugby League and Rugby Union. Whilst both have similar principals, the games follow different rules meaning more scope to place a live rugby wager.

Rugby union is more popular amongst the northern hemisphere countries with competitions such as the Rugby World Cup, Aviva Premiership, Heineken Cup and LV cup all prominent dates in any rugby fans diary. The southern hemispheres countries boast their own competitions of the Super 15 and Tri Nations, respectively.

Rugby League, whilst still very popular in the northern hemisphere, has more of a following in the southern hemisphere with competitions such as the NRL, NSW Cup and Queensland Cup all being the highlights of the rugby league calendar.

With an array of high profile competitions around the world, betting on rugby has become a top sport in which bettors can wager on high profile matches all year round. Even tournaments outside the UK are starting to be covered in live betting formats on many online bookmakers’ interfaces.
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More Information about Rugby
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What is live rugby betting?
Live rugby betting is an opportunity to bet on rugby matches as they play out in real time. The score and general swings of the game are reflected in the odds and price that bookmaker’s offer to their punters.

The pull of rugby to the discerning fan is that of the fast paced and unpredictable nature of how the games can pan out. In a split second a game can be changed on its head with just one try, resulting in the live betting markets offering some extremely good value.

Often internet bookmakers have been known to dramatically overreact to changes in the game andthe score meaning betting live can be a great way to sniff out that value bet before the bookmaker decides to realign their odds.

How does live rugby betting work?
At the start of a rugby match, the bookmaker will open a series of markets of which will be live (or inplay). Once an initial line is set you then get the opportunity to look through the odds and prices to see which offer best market value.

As games start and begin to develop, the odds will fluctuate greatly and markets will start to close and open depending on how the game is panning out. It’s important that if you are betting live you are able to watch the game you are betting on so you can get a feel of how the bookmaker may react to a certain market. It’s often rule number one when betting live on any sport.

Where can I find live rugby betting markets?
As the game of rugby continues to boom, so do the internet betting markets. Most major online bookies now offer a comprehensive live or inplay rugby betting markets for both League and Union. Some may specialise in one code or the other, but finding the market you are looking for and in a specific discipline shouldn’t be too tough in today’s betting climate.

Whilst the larger online bookmakers do lead the way in terms of live betting, often smaller sites can lead to some better value bets. It’s common knowledge that bookmakers compete within their industry to entice people to place wagers with them and one of their methods to get people in is that of producing better odds for the punter. The smaller betting sties won’t have the pulling power or the client base to compete with the larger sites, however they will look at specific markets where they can look to undercut that of their larger rivals. Rugby betting has been known to be one of these markets, so spending time searching for the best odds can reap some very profitable rewards.

Why does live betting work well with Rugby?
Well, for one there are two different codes to bet on (League and Union) meaning the amount of markets are vast. Rugby is synonymous for the amount of rules it implores in its games which gives a host more markets to be able to bet on.

The live betting rugby market is a fairly un-tapped resource in the betting world at the minute. Compared to the likes of football and horse racing, it comes nowhere near in terms of revenue generated for the bookmaker. It’s for this reason that odds on any market have a high chance of being inaccurate and produce some really strong value for the punter.

The competition in rugby is also like very few other sports. Just looking at the Aviva Premiership over the past 10 years there have been 5 different winners of the league. Now when you take into account the league only has twelve teams, this is a pretty high percentage of teams that have at some point won the league showing their to be little dominance in the sport. Compare that to the English Premier League (football) which has had just 4 winners in its near 20 year existence (with just two different clubs in the last 6 years), underlining the dominance of just a few clubs.

What live rugby betting markets are available?
Live rugby betting markets continue to grow as the popularity of betting on the sports also sees an upward incline over the past few years. With more and more markets becoming available for the majority of the high profile games, bettors around the globe are continuing to be treated to diverse range of markets. Let’s take a look at a few:

--> Handicap Betting – A popular choice for many sport markets, the handicap betting market is one that allows punters to back a team with a handicap of either plus or minus a certain amount of point. These points are either deducted or added onto the final score to determine the true handicap score.

--> Mat Betting – A pretty standard choice is the match betting option. This market will fluctuate throughout the game giving you the opportunity to either back a winner or the draw.

--> To qualify – Some markets are dependent on cup competition such as the to qualify market. It takes the draw equation out of the game should the match need to head to extra time or a replay to decide the winner. This market is often popular with people looking for an arbitrage bet.

--> Alternative handicap – This market allows you to select the amount fot eh handicap you want to set on each team. A range of lines are available all with contrasting odds. As the game continues to progress, the live market for the alternative handicap will close and open markets respectively.

--> First half match betting - This market allows you to bet on the outcome of the first half. Teams who are notoriously good starts of games are often good picks for this market.

--> Double result – The double results market allows you to select the results at both halt time and full time of who you think will be leading each. Again at the end of the first half markets will start to close on this as the result is conformed for that half.

--> Winning Margins – The winning margins market allows you to choose by how many points exactly, the winning margin will be. This market is one of the most popular to bet on in live rugby betting as points and games can change quickly and with bigger margins compared to that of say, football for example. An alternative winning margins market is also available with the points being of a wider margin but with reduced odds.

Other notable markets include exact winning margins, team to score first, race to 10 points, first try, position to score a try and team to score first try.

Rugby Live Betting Tips
The idea of live betting is to give the punter a chance to bet as the game takes place. What we must do as that punter is take advantage of any sudden changes in the market that offer value. To assist with this we have compiled a host of top tips for you to use when you next decide to bet on live rugby.

--> Do your homework – Make sure that before you bet you research both teams that are playing. Things such as form, head to head battles and points per game are all good places to start. If you find out this information before the game and have it readily available as the game progresses, then you will be in a better position to make profitable live bets.

--> Look through the markets before the game – Before anyone has even passed a ball in anger it’s imperative to see where you think the value could lie during the match. Using your information that you collected in the first bullet point should be able lead you to find the markets you want to target. As the game progresses, it may take you towards other markets, but at least give yourself a chance before the game starts with familiarising yourself with the live markets.

--> Stick with what you know – If you’re a rugby league fan, then stick that. If you like rugby union, then stick to that. The more knowledge you have on the subject the better situated you are going to be to place a bet. If you know little about the sport or more importantly, little about the game in question, then stay clear and use your knowledge to your advantage.

--> Set time away for the game – Live play markets can chop and change with every second of the match. You simply must be in a position to be able to react quickly to the markets fluctuation as the game takes place. Plan ahead and clear your schedule if you are looking to bet on a certain game.

--> Don’t chase loses – This point could go down in betting tips as a whole, never mind that of live rugby betting. Have a plan, set an amount of money you are willing to risk and stick to it!

--> Do your homework – I know we started with this point, but I can’t stress enough about how important this is!

Which is more profitable, league or union?
Both codes of the game have their pros and cons when it comes to live rugby betting. However, union certainly provides many more inplay markets than league. They also have larger scale tournaments both internationally and domestically which is an attractive prospect for most punters.

League is very much up and coming when it comes sports betting. Aside from the UK and Australia, rugby league is still a very much emerging sport around the world. It is on the increase however, and as more people start to get into the game, then the bookies will almost certainly start to open up more markets.For now, its union that has the edge over the two codes and will offer that bit more better value between the two.

For more live betting information about other sports see our pages on inplay cricket betting and in race horse betting.
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