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Online Roulette with Live Dealers

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The two best sites that offer live dealer roulette online are Bet365 and Euro Grand. Please note that neither one of these online casinos accepts players from the United States. You can claim an exclusive bonus from Bet365 and Euro Grand by clicking through the visit links on our site.  

Bet365 started out as just a sports betting site.  Now they offer a full service casino that is one of the best around.  Both of these gaming sites have an excellent customer service history, and they both offer easy deposits and fast cashouts. Play live dealer roulette at Bet365 or Euro Grand today.

Online roulette has been popular ever since online casinos were 1st developed. However, online casinos have since developed live dealer online roulette games that are played with real dealers. The way that regular online roulette games work is by using a random number generator to randomize every spin of the roulette wheel. Players doubted the randomness of the RNG’s used by online casinos. This is why online casinos felt obligated to develop live dealer roulette games for players.

We’re going to explain everything you need to know about live dealer online roulette including how to play, where to play and how to take advantage of the various promotions live dealer casinos offer players. Right now there are live dealer casinos that offer multiple live dealer roulette games. These include European, American and Asian roulette. We recommend sticking with Asian or European roulette games, as both variations offer better odds than American roulette.
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Live Dealer Roulette

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Top Betting Site
More Information about Live Dealer Roulette
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How to Play Online Roulette with Live Dealers
Live dealer roulette is played the same way that roulette in a land-based casino is played. The exception is that you get to play from your own home. You can play without leaving your couch if you don’t feel like getting up. You’ll need to have a computer that has a good connection to the internet and have the ability to stream the live video feed without lagging. The dealer in live dealer roulette is displayed through a live webcam feed. This means players get to watch a real dealer spin the roulette wheel every single turn.

Playing online roulette with live dealers is way more realistic than playing online roulette using a RNG. In live dealer roulette you can be assured that every single spin is random, as you get to watch the dealer through a live webcam feed. You won’t get to watch the dealer in-person like you could in a land-based casino, but it’s the next best thing. When I play roulette I need to see a real roulette wheel being spun or else I feel cheated. This is why I only play in the best live dealer online casinos.

One question many new players ask me is whether or not they need any special equipment or software in order to play online roulette with live dealers. The simple answer to that question is no. Players don’t need to download anything to their computer in order to play live dealer roulette in most online casinos. In some cases you need to download the casino software to your computer in order to play the live dealer games, but most online casinos don’t require you to download anything.

When you join a live dealer roulette table you’ll notice a few different features on the screen. First off, you’ll notice a roulette table that you use to place your bets before every spin of the wheel. You’ll also notice the live dealer feed where you get to watch the dealer spin the roulette wheel in real-time plus a small chat box. Players are allowed to talk with the dealer and any of the other players at the roulette table using the chat box.

Where to Play Online Roulette with Live Dealers
In the past few years there have been a huge influx in live dealer games. Lots of online casino sites have spent time developing live dealer games including roulette. The best live dealer roulette sites always change based on current market conditions, but we’ll always have an updated list of the top online roulette sites with live dealers on this page. Live dealer roulette is available 24/7 in most online casinos although some of the smaller live dealer casinos don’t operate around the clock.

Some of the big software providers operate in-house studios that are filled with live dealers and games. A few smaller live dealer casino sites actually operate from the inside of real land-based casinos in certain countries around the world. We’ve taken the time to play in many live dealer casinos and we’ve come up with the top live dealer online roulette sites based on game quality, game selection, video feed quality, payout history, customer service and many other important factors.

Live Dealer Online Roulette Bonuses
Everyone that plays live dealer roulette online will be able to earn rewards including bonuses and other promotions. From the 1st time you start playing, you’ll be able to earn a sign-up bonus. The sign-up bonus is typically in the $100 - $500 range although I’ve also seen smaller and bigger live dealer roulette bonuses available for players. If you’ve never played online roulette with live dealers we definitely recommend trying it out.

You get to play with other real players and it’s nearly the same as playing roulette in a land-based casino, other then the fact that you never need to leave your home. You also get to take advantage of lots of promotions and bonuses when you play live dealer casino games online and the rewards are always worth more than what you’d earn from a comps program at a land-based casino.  

Many roulette players also enjoy blackjack.  You read our page about online casinos that offer live blackjack for additional information.
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