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NHL In-Play Betting Guide

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The NHL is the most popular hockey league in the world and it has become a widely bet on sport. Technological advances have allowed bookies to move into the global market and accept wagers from bettors in any country in the world using the internet. Betting on hockey games has increased globally the past 10+ years and it’s now a big market for many sports betting sites.

Not only do Canadian and American sports betting sites post odds on the NHL, but so do almost every European and UK bookie. A few online bookmakers also offer in-play betting on NHL games, which can be advantageous when you’re selective about the bets you place. Inplay betting on the NHL isn’t as popular as football or basketball, but it’s still very popular amongst casual and seasoned NHL bettors.

If you have a satellite dish or use one of the popular cable providers in Canada/USA, you should be able to order an NHL package that allows you to watch all of the games during the season. The ability for Canadians, Americans and even international hockey fans to watch NHL games has become a lot more readily available in recent years. There are tons of live hockey streams on the internet that international NHL fans can use to watch the action live. The ability to watch every play of a hockey game and bet on live open markets is something every NHL fan dreams of, but it has now been a reality for a few years.

A lot of NHL bettors don’t even know that they can bet on hockey games live as they’re being played out on TV. Most in-play bookmakers advertise their football and basketball markets more so than their inplay hockey betting markets. By betting on live hockey games using an online bookmaker you’ll be able to follow games before betting on them, which gives you a huge advantage over the bookies.
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Best Hockey Live Betting Sites

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What is Live NHL Betting?
You may be confused about what we mean by live betting if you’ve never done it before. At the start of every NHL game bettors are able to place a wager on either team to win using the odds posted by the sportsbook. Live betting allows bettors to wager on the team they think is going to win during almost any point of the game.

Bookmakers also offer plenty of other live betting markets for the NHL including moneyline, puckline, team to win period, team to score next and a few others that we’re going to explain below in our NHL in-play strategy guide.

Betting live allows bettors to watch both teams play a period or two before deciding to bet on either team. You can also bet on the team you think is going to win at almost any other point during the game. So, if you see a team has been putting on a lot of pressure you can bet on them using in-play betting at the current odds being offered by your sportsbook. The odds constantly fluctuate during the hockey game for all of the betting markets based on how the game is progressing.

How Does Live NHL Betting Work?
Traditionally the best online bookmakers allowed bettors to wager on multiple NHL betting markets prior to the game starting. Now bettors are able to place wagers live while the hockey game is being played. Bettors have the advantage of watching the hockey game before they decide to bet on the game.

The odds change rapidly while the game progresses and it’s very easy to find favourable odds while betting live with a little bit of strategy. Make sure you read our in-play NHL betting tips at the end of this guide to learn a valuable tip or two about betting on NHL live.

Where Can I Find Live NHL Betting Markets?
The NHL isn’t as widely bet on as a few other sports around the world such as football and basketball. However, several top bookies have excellent in-play NHL betting markets. If you live outside of the USA we recommend Bet365, as they have the best in-play betting markets on NHL games by a long shot. A lot of American bookies such as Bodog offer intermission NHL betting lines, but they don’t actually allow you to bet on the game in real-time, as it’s being played out on the ice.

There are a few US friendly bookmakers that offer live NHL betting markets, but they’re limited. Bookmaker will offer inplay betting on certain televised hockey games every week during the season. However, Bookmaker only allows bettors to wager on a few markets including the moneyline, over/under and puckline. Live betting on the NHL at Bookmaker is only permitted during commercial breaks as well and not as the game is being played live, which is why we recommend Bet365 if you can bet with them.

What Live NHL Betting Markets Are Available?
A lot of the online sportsbooks are still experimenting with their in-play betting platforms and therefore you may only find a few live betting markets for NHL games. We’re going to explain the different types of in-play NHL betting markets available online using one of our recommended online bookies.

--> Moneyline Betting – The most common type of in-play NHL bet is a moneyline bet, which is where you pick the team you think will win the game. The odds change really fast on live NHL betting markets, so you need to act quickly during the game if you want to lock up the best odds possible on a certain team.

--> Puckline Betting – I like looking at the odds on puckline bets as NHL games progress for one simple reason. You need to bet on the favoured team to win by -1.5 goals or the underdog to not lose by +1.5 goals on a puckline bet. When a bookie offers puckline bets while the game is being played live there can be some profitable opportunities. Before a game starts you need to risk a lot of juice to bet on a team not to lose by +1.5 goals. If that team were to give up a goal quickly in the game the odds would become way smaller and you wouldn’t need to risk nearly as much on the team.

--> Current Period Winner – One of the top in-play NHL betting markets to look at is current period winner. You can bet on one of the teams to win the current period with adjusted odds that your bookie sets. The odds change rapidly during the period based on possession, pressure, penalties and goals, so you need to be on your game to ensure you end up getting the best odds. Waiting to late into a period to bet on the team you want is a costly mistake many new in-play bettors commit.

--> Over/Under Betting – In-play betting markets will allow bettors to bet on adjusted game and team totals throughout the game. You can really find some great odds betting on the over/under in games live since many bettors put too much weight on a quick goal or two or a scoreless period. If you pick your spots wisely you can receive great odds on over/under bets that you’d never be able to receive prior to the start of an NHL game.

--> Next Team to Score – When you’re watching a hockey game you can almost always predict when a goal is about to be scored based on momentum and pressure. One inplay NHL betting market that’s popular is picking the next team to score. When you’re watching the game you’ll be able to see how the game is progressing and you should be able to tell which team has the momentum. Sure, goals are scored randomly in hockey all the time, but you don’t want to get into the habit of betting on the next team to score bet without a solid reason behind your pick.

--> Half Period Bets – Some of the American in-play betting sites allow bettors to wager on half periods. You can wager on the 1st 10 minutes of a period or 2nd 10 minutes of a period live, but the bets need to be placed before the start of the half period. If you bet on the last 10 minutes of an NHL game overtime doesn’t count towards the wager.

Live NHL Betting Tips
--> If you plan on betting on an NHL hockey game live you need to ensure you’re actually watching the game. When you actually watch the game you see everything that’s happening including the pace of play, penalties, momentum and many other important factors. You’ll also be able to see how the goals are scored and be able to know whether the goal was a fluke or if the team that scored is actually playing well.

--> One important inplay hockey betting tip I want to also share with you is that you need to try and find the best odds on the bets you want to make. Now normally you’d shop around for lines when looking for the best odds, but there aren’t many in-play hockey bookies. To ensure you’re getting close to the best odds on the bets you make you need to try and time them perfectly. If you want to bet the under in a game then you should try to wait until a goal is scored. In-play betting markets react to any action very quickly and the lines change extremely fast, so it’s important to understand that the public moves lines based on what’s happening. You want to place as many of your in-play bets as possible when the public is pushing the odds in your favour based on an event that transpired recently during the game you’re betting on.

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