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If you are looking for American football betting information, please see our page on NFL and NCAA inplay betting. Sports betting is one of the fastest growing gambling markets currently available with online bookmakers. Its growth has seen it turn into a multi million pound industry with thousands of bets being matched each day on the internet alone.

The top online bookies are looking to monetize the growing trend towards inplay betting. Not all online betting sites are offering in play betting, but the biggest online bookies now offer it. By placing a spread bet on sport in the UK and when you do it right, you can potentially win.

Football betting has been one of the benefactors of this growth and now is a leading sport in the online gambling industry. The vast array of markets available mean there is something that should appeal to every punter.

Part of that growth has been down the vast availability of live betting. The global attraction of football and accessibility around the world of watching live games makes the in play market a very attractive prospect for bettors. As bookmakers have picked up on this, they have seamlessly increased their live or in play betting sections, often with over 50 markets to bet on with just one match.

The growth of live football betting has turned the online sports betting industry on its head and many bookmakers offer special betting offers for punters that like to take advantage of these markets. If you are looking for the best sites for online live betting, please check out the table on this page. We only recommend the most trusted bookie sites on the internet.
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Best Football Live Betting Sites 

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More Information about Football
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What is live football betting?
Live football betting basically gives the punter a chance to bet on a host of markets that update as the game gets played out. Each market will be adjusted depending on specific circumstances throughout a game.

As the game develops, many markets will either close or open depending on the original terms of the bet. For example, if you were to back the over on 2.5 goals in a game, as soon as the third goal went in (combined goals for both teams) that market would then close and your bet would be locked in as a profit.

How in match football (soccer) betting works
The markets will fluctuate depending on how the game is deemed to be panning out. An initial line is set by the bookmaker before each game on each respected market. Once the game kicks off the odds on each market will start to change depending on the ever changing situations of the football match.

The live betting market means that at any point the odds for that market can, and most likely will, change. The bookmaker will have people monitoring the game and adjusting their odds accordingly. Often if you can predict the swing of a game before that of the bookmaker, there will be a host of good value bets to be had in the live betting market.

Where can I find Inplay betting sites?
As live or in play markets continue to be a real pull for the punter, most major bookmakers now operate a live betting section. However, live betting markets often differ greatly with size and odds being the main focus.

Betting exchanges are generally known to offer the greatest variations of live football betting markets. Most major leagues, cups and tournaments are covered with a host of markets to choose from. The beauty of the exchanges is that you are not betting against a highly knowledgeable bookmaker, but rather a fellow punter so odds can fluctuate greatly.

Why does in game betting work well with football?
The fast paced nature and total unpredictability of football means that live betting is often seen as the preferred choice when it comes to football betting. There is likely to be a wider range of markets on football than any other live betting format for this reason.

One of the main reasons is down to the world wide and freely available coverage of football around the globe. Leagues such as the Premier League and La Liga are viewed in over 200 countries which make it one of the largest reaching sports in the world. This gives bookmakers a huge market to exploit in terms of overall viewers and punters wanting to bet on the game. The more comprehensive they can make their markets, the more people will bet with them; thus giving the punter more choice when it comes to the crunch time of gambling their hard earned cash.

Due to the mass exposure of football and the increase of football betting, it’s for this reason bookmakers can afford to offer their punters bonus deals when they use their live betting section. It’s a ploy adopted by most of the larger bookmakers these days in an attempt to entice people to place their bets with them. This obviously works out great for the punter as they get free money, but not only that, it means they can shop around not just for the best live football betting odds, but also the best signup deals.

What Live Football betting Markets are available online?
As I type this article (June 2011), a live football betting market of Spain Under 21’s v Czech Republic Under 21’s currently offers a staggering 94 in play betting markets. That just underlines the size of footballs in play betting grasp on the gambling world.

Whilst we are not going to run through each market, let’s take a look at some of the more popular ones available to bet on. These can be found on most of the top bookies on the internet.

The win-draw-win market is simply the odds on a home win, draw or away win. These markets are very similar to that of backing the outright result of a game.

Draw No Bet
The Draw no bet market takes out the result of the draw with the odds changing respectively. In the event of a draw you get your original stake back.

Handicap Betting
This is a situation where the bookmaker offers the teams with a handicap of either +1.0 or -1.0. How it works is, at the end of the game whatever the score may be, a point is either added or subtracted from the team you have wagered on and that is then referred to as the handicap score.
For example, if the score between Spain and Czech Republic finished 2-1 to Spain and you had backed Spain to win with a -1.0 handicap then you would lose because the final score would be adjusted to subtract a goal from Spain. Meaning the final handicap score would be 1-1 or a draw.

Half Time/Full Time
The half time/full time market is a very popular one amongst bookmakers. It’s simply predicting which team will be leading at half time, then which will be leading at full time. The draw can also be included in these bets.

Over/Under goals
Another popular market is the over/under goals. These markets can vary from 2.5,3.5 to 4.5+ goals in a game.

Correct Score
Simply choosing the correct score for the outcome of the game.

Next goalscorer
Pretty self explanatory, choosing who you think will score next for either team. You can also choose no goal scorer from this market if you think no more goals will be scored.

That is just a taste of the many, many markets currently available when betting on live football. Some pose better value than others, but either way, live betting really does offer something for all types of punters.

InPlay Football Betting Strategies and Tips For Betting Online
There are many different football betting strategies and tips that are dotted about on the internet today, some work, many are useless. However, even the ones that do work are tough to implement into live betting and often have no bearing on whether you bet live or a few days previous.

There is a very solid strategy that works time and time again, and it’s imperative that you use your in play markets for this strategy. The concept for this tip is relatively simple, lay the draw before the game and back it off when a goal is scored, locking in a profit on any result. There are rules that we simply must stick to when implementing this strategy however.

First off we need to use a top betting exchange such as Betfair. This allows us to use its laying feature that we need for this strategy. Our next step is to find a game where we believe there is likely to be goals. Two great markets for this are that of the English Premier League and Spanish La Liga. Both leagues average over 2.5 goals a game, with La Liga averaging over 3! At this point we don’t care who scores, just if we feel that one team will.

Now we need to search out the odds of the draw. We should be looking at anything between 2.8 and 3.8. Anything higher then these odds will cut drastically into our profit margin; anything lower means that there is actually a very good chance of no goals being scored resulting in a 0-0 draw.

So once we have backed the draw before the game starts we MUST make sure we are at our computer or have access to both the live scores and the betting exchange whilst the game is in-running.

At this point we have a liability on the draw and profit on any other result. What we are striving for is to get a profit on all results no matter the score. So, once the first goal is scored the likelihood of the draw will decrease, meaning its odds will increase. Bingo! We can now back the draw at a much higher price than we originally lay if off for.

This is the clever part, as we have both laid the draw AND backed the draw we win either way as we have all result covered. What we need to do as we back the draw off is to find the right amount to make it so we get the same amount of money whether the team wins, losses or draws, locking in a profit before the game has even finished.

There are two more top points to note. The first being that if the game is still 0-0 after 70 minutes we should cut our losses on that game and back the draw off for a loss. Whilst still a loss, it will be much less than if we let it ride and for the game to finish 0-0 (or in fact any other draw for that matter).

Depending on how much our liability is, some punters using this strategy like to back 0-0 before the game for a little more cover. Whilst the initial bet on the 0-0 will cut into any profits if we manage to back the draw for at a higher price, it will also cover our liabilities somewhat come 70 minutes and the game is still 0-0 (Note – if we back 0-0 before the game and it is still 0-0 when we decide to cut our losses on 70 minutes, we should be looking to lay our original bet of 0-0 off as the odds will have massively increased. This means that if there is a late goal then we have the profit on any result).

Live Online Football Betting Streaming

When we bet on in play markets, it’s essential that we are either watching the game or keeping in close contact with someone (thing) that can keep you up to date. Many sports books have implemented a free streaming channel for their customers to watch games from around the globe.

Many of the major leagues are covered on satellite television throughout the UK, but some of the lesser leagues are not. Bookmakers often have games from France, Germany, Italy and Portugal on their free live streaming service. If you want access to these live betting markets, then watching live is a must.

Do your Live Betting Football Homework
It’s definitely worth spending time studying previous results of the teams you are looking to place a wager on before taking on the live betting market. With the ability to search the internet in just a few seconds, information on most major teams and their recent results are readily and freely available.

By spending a little time checking out previous form such as past meetings between the teams and looking at details such as yellow cards, red cards, amount of goals per game, goal scorer, winning margins and handicapped results, can pay off massively when it comes to placing your live bets. Just a little background knowledge about your market can give you a real edge over the bookmaker. We strive to bring you valuable information on this site, but we advise you to continue reading other sites for additional tips and information about inplay betting.

Live Betting Football Tips
--> Do your homework on the games you plan to bet on

--> Don’t get greedy when betting live. The pace of the game can mean you get carried away with all the markets on offer. Have a plan and stick to it.

--> Research each bookmakers in play betting markets. Some offer more than others, but not necessarily the best odds. Keep an open mind when looking for the best prices

--> Look out for specific bookmakers special in play betting offers. The size of live betting has reached a point where many bookies give out free bets when you use their in play system.

For more information on other sports please see our sidebar. We have thorough pages on many sports including inplay rugby betting and inplay cricket betting.
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