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Betting on college and pro basketball games during the action has become extremely popular over the course of the last couple of years. This kind of wagering is commonly known as live betting, or in play betting. Live betting lines are typically put online during timeouts, and at the end of quarters. This kind of wagering has seen the amounts being bet on each basketball game increase dramatically. Not every online bookmaker offers this live betting option. The sites that do offer basketball in game betting usually do so for both NBA and NCAA action. You can find the top two internet bookies that offer live betting on the table on this page.
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What is Live Basketball Betting?
Live basketball betting gives you the opportunity to place wagers during pro and college basketball games. Traditional basketball betting only allows you to bet on NBA and NCAA games before they start, or at halftime. Inplay basketball betting can be used to make wagers during stoppages of play, most commonly timeouts.

Why Bet Pro and College and Pro Basketball During Games?
One common reason to bet on basketball during a game is because you didn’t get your bet in before the game started. With live betting you don’t have to miss out because you didn’t place your wager in time. You can make bets during any timeouts during the game.

Live betting can also be used as a tool to beat online sports betting sites. Live betting odds are typically set by bookmakers based upon a formula. This formula consists of three main parts that are listed below.

--> Current Score
--> Original Line
--> Time Left in the Game

Even the best internet sports betting sites don’t have someone closely watching all of the games that are going on. The general formula that is used to form in play betting odds can be exploited. We will discuss this more in depth in our live betting tips and strategy section below.

Which Internet Sites Offer NBA and NCAA Live Betting?
One year ago it was extremely difficult to find an internet bookie that offered live betting. This was even more true for US players looking to make in game wagers online. More and more online sportsbooks are beginning to offer live betting lines for select college and pro basketball games. Both of the top books listed on this page offer live betting on basketball, and both of them also accept players from the United States. We only recommend the top sites that have a positive history with players. Be sure to avoid fly by night bookies that you may find offering huge bonuses.

Strategies and Tips For In Game Basketball Betting
As we mentioned above, not all bookies have someone watching every single game in order to set live betting lines. This isn’t to say they aren’t keeping up with the games, because they are. If there is an injury of note, chances are the bookie has attempted to set the line with the injury in mind. With that being said, there are still certain tips and strategies you can use to have a better chance of beating the bookmaker.

--> Injuries – Huh, you just said that the sports betting sites are aware of injuries? Yes they are, but that doesn’t mean that they always adjust the line correctly to account for an injury. Oftentimes they will move the line the wrong way because of an injury. Some supposed stars are actually bad for their team. When they get hurt a bookie can adjust the line the wrong way.

--> Monta Ellis in 2009-2010 is the best example of this. According to Ellis was terrible during the year, despite being widely acclaimed as being one of the Warriors better players. The best number to use to gauge this is the Net column under the on court/off court section. Ellis was -11, which means the Warriors were substantially better without him in the game. For these types of things, is your friend. If a player gets injured check his on court/off court net. This can also be a good strategy for conventional betting before a game begins.

--> Act Fast – One of the best tips that you can use for in play betting is to act quickly. The odds move extremely fast in live betting. It typically takes less money to move a line. Seeing that the lines move so quickly, you should be prepared to act on a basketball game that you like.

--> Matchup Problems You See During Games – You may notice during a game that the matchupsaren’t working out how the online betting sites originally thought that they would. Perhaps a smaller team is consistently out-rebounding a taller team due to superior box out skills. Perhaps a superior wing defender is stifling the offense of a star player. This tip is an especially good strategy for college (NCAA betting). Things like this are typically more of an unknown in the college game than they are in the pros.

--> Bet Opposite Side of a Run (NBA) – NBA basketball is an extremely streaky game. One team may run off 12 consecutive points followed by 15 consecutive points by an opponent. Momentum means very little in rofessional basketball. This is one exception to the get your bets in quickly tip. Many bettors are still under the impression that momentum is extremely important. Let these bettors shape the line in your favor, and then bet the other side.

Common Basketball Live Betting Mistakes
It is imperative that you don’t make mistakes when placing live bets. If you can avoid the mistakes below you have a much better chance of increasing your sports betting bankroll. If you fall into these potential live betting traps your bankroll can rapidly disappear.

--> Don’t place excessive bets trying to middle – The juice in live betting is typically higher than the juice on traditional betting. It can be extremely difficult to beat the juice on college or pro basketball in play betting if you make excessive bets during the game. Please read the bottom of our in game American football betting page for more details on hedging in general. The biggest mistake section at the bottom of that page can be applied to any sport.

--> Don’t listen to forum posters for tips – For the most part, people that post on popular sports betting forums have no idea how live betting works. I have yet to find a decent thread on a forum where I thought someone posting inplay picks knew what they were talking about. Following someone on a forum is a terrible strategy for making live bets online.

--> Don’t buy live betting picks – The lines change way too rapidly for services to be of much use for live betting. By the time you have received a pick, the line has probably already changed. If someone is sharp and they are making live bets on basketball, they are betting the games before sending you the picks. As I mentioned above it doesn’t take as much money to move the odds for inplay betting.

Which is More Profitable – NCAA or NBA?
I would say that betting live on professional basketball is the more profitable option. There are simply more NBA games available for live betting than there are NCAA games. There is also much more information and statistics for betting the NBA. As I mentioned above, is an excellent resource for NBA live betting. There isn’t a site out there for college basketball that has the kind of information that 82games has.

The NBA season is also longer. It can be easier to get more accurate statistics when there have been more games played. The statistics from 50 games will likely be more valuable than the statistics from 20 games. Do you really feel comfortable betting your money on stats that were collected from 10 or 15 NCAA games? Even the NBA season doesn’t have enough games to make stats truly accurate, but they are better than statistics from college basketball.

This isn’t to say that live betting on college basketball can’t be profitable, because it can. It will just take more work from your end as there aren’t as many stats and game tapes available. You will need to study harder, and rely on watching games more than collecting data.

To find some information about the top European sports check out our soccer inplay betting page or our in game rugby betting page.
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