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Live Betting for MLB Games

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Baseball is considered to be America’s pastime, and inplay baseball betting has really grown in popularity over the last few years. Live baseball betting allows you to place online wagers during professional (Major League Baseball) games.

In play baseball betting is typically done between every half inning. The two best sites for live baseball betting are listed on this page. As live betting on baseball evolves, so do the best live betting bookies. The table on this page is always kept up to date with the top internet bookmakers.
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Best Sites For Live Baseball Betting 

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More Information about Baseball
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In Play Professional Baseball Betting – What Is It?
If you like action and you like baseball, then you will love in play baseball betting. More and more bookmakers have begun to offer live baseball betting. This is being done in order to increase the total action that they have on a game. More bets typically mean better profits for the bookies. I would expect to see the amount of internet bookies offering live betting to increase soon.

As you read above, live betting allows you place bets on MLB games at the completion of every half inning. You can place a few different types of bets online during baseball games. The three main varieties of bets are listed below.

--> Moneyline – You are simply betting on which team you think will win the game.
--> Run Line – You can bet on a team plus or minus or minus a certain amount of runs.
--> Over/Under – You can bet on the total amount of runs for the entire game.

As you can see, the different types of bets that are offered for live betting are typically the same as the types of bets that are offered in traditional baseball betting. If you understand how the how traditional professional baseball betting lines work, then you will understand how live betting lines work.

Why Live Professional Baseball Betting?
There are a host of different reasons for choosing live betting on professional baseball games. Some of these reasons are valid for casual bettors, and some are valid for more experienced bettors that are looking to turn a profit. Many people like to bet live on MLB games because they enjoy the extra action. Some of the reasons for placing live baseball wagers on the internet are listed below.

--> You missed the start of a game (typically more important for a casual bettor).
--> You are at the MLB game and wish to place additional wagers (more important for casual bettors).
--> You are looking to exploit certain things that you have seen during a game (more important for bettors looking to turn a profit).
--> You are looking to hedge an existing wager (we don’t approve of this MLB baseball betting strategy).

There are three main factors that online bookmakers use when creating lines for live baseball betting. These three factors are the closing line, the current score in the game, and the number of innings left in the game. Internet bookies that offer inplay baseball betting will oftentimes follow the lead of some of the major betting sites. Some of the trend setters as far as lines go are Bookmaker and Pinnacle.

How to Choose an Online Bookmaker for Live Baseball Betting
You first need to know if a site offers inplay betting or not. Not all sites offer in play betting for professional baseball betting. Both of the bookmakers listed in the table on this page do offer live betting.

You should also research the history of an online bookmaker before depositing your money there. We only list bookies with a positive history in fair gambling, and we only list books that process cashouts in a timely fashion. We hope to gain your trust, but you should also do your own due diligence before making a deposit. Search around popular sports betting forums to get other people’s opinions on these internet sportsbooks.

Strategies for Live Betting on Professional Baseball Games
Even the best internet sports betting shops don’t have someone that is watching every pitch of every MLB baseball game. This gives the bettor an opportunity to exploit certain things that see during a baseball game. You need to be following the game fairly closely to be able to take advantage of any of these tips and strategies. Some of these tips are listed below.

--> Watch Pitch Counts of Starting Pitchers – This strategy is especially useful if one of the better pitchers in MLB started the game. The pre game baseball lines are heavily skewed to the stronger pitchers. If you see one of the top starters has thrown a significant amount of pitches in the first few innings, a bet on the other side may be in order. If a pitcher has thrown more than 20 pitches per inning in the first few innings this could be a good spot to bet the other side.

--> A Starting Pitcher Is Struggling But Has Not Given Up Runs – This tip can be a great spot to bet your money on the other side. It can be a sign of things to come if you see a pitcher has put a few men on base in multiple innings but has yet to give up a run. Maybe the pitcher got a hard hit ball that turned into a double play. Maybe a base runner was thrown out stealing. If a pitcher is struggling it is likely to continue. The next hard inning could result in runs.

--> Keep Track of the Lineups – Keeping track of the lineups when considering a live baseball bet is imperative. This tip can be especially useful when you are considering making a bet in the later innings of an MLB game. If there were two innings left in a professional baseball game, would rather have the 1-2-3-4-5-6 hitters up or the 5-6-7-8-9-1 hitters up? I think the answer is pretty clear, and this can be an effective inplay betting strategy to use.

--> Know the Bullpens for the MLB Baseball Teams – A good tip can be to find a team that has a lead, and has both an excellent set up man and closer. You are of course going to have to lay a premium to bet on the team with the lead, but this can be one of the best tips to beat the online bookmakers. Make sure the professional baseball team has both a good setup man and a good closer.

--> Bet Against Over Used Bullpens – This tip is somewhat the opposite of the above strategy. Look back at the last five or six games to see how the bullpens were used. Have the closer or setup man worked in almost all of these games? It may be good time to place an online live bet on the other team. If a bullpen has been overused, then either the pitchers will get a night off or will come into the game with tired arms.

Please don’t use live betting as a tool to hedge your existing MLB bets. Hedging is almost always a horrible strategy. We mention this on virtually every page because it is that dumb. It’s just not a winning strategy to hedge. If you can’t afford to make larger bets, then don’t make them.

Don’t make decisions that you think are locking up money for you. You aren’t really locking up a profit, but rather you are giving up positive expected value. Betting lines for live betting have higher juice built in. This makes them especially hard to use as a hedging tool. These higher juice lines don’t make live baseball betting impossible to beat, but it does make it nonsense to use them to hedge bets online.

If you like baseball then you may be a fan of hockey or basketball. If you like these sports see our hockey inplay betting page and our NBA live betting page.
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