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Betting Online was developed to cover the void in available information on live betting. There are thousands of sports betting portals on the internet, but not many of them cover the live betting (inplay betting) aspect of sports wagering. We hope to change that by providing valuable strategy guides on all of the major live betting sports. We also aim to provide our users with the best choice of sites that have live betting options.

We don’t aim to be a sports betting sites review portal. There are hundreds of those sites already available on the internet. We don’t plan to have a forum. There are too many of those around. We don’t have any plans to sell picks. There are too many touts on the web. What we do plan to do is to provide you with valuable strategies for in game betting.

The in game betting market is still fairly new. Most bookmakers (and bettors) still focus on traditional betting. Traditional betting is betting before a match or a game begins. We expect this to change over the course of the next couple of years. The general betting population craves action, and they crave it right now. In game betting provides an almost endless amount of opportunity to bet while a game is in progress.

The explosion of smart phone usage is also likely to lead to increased live betting. Imagine being at a sporting event, and being able to place a wager during the game. Sounds pretty fun right? We think so too, and we expect inplay betting to grow and grow. is currently a team of two, but we expect that to change. As our readers continue to grow, so will our staff.  We aim to bring you the best live betting strategy guides available online. Our team of two currently consists of myself (Brandon) and Jonathan Askew.

I am from the United States, and I will cover the US sports. My focus will be on basketball, American football, baseball, and hockey. I will also write some about tennis and golf as well. I play both of these sports and I follow them as well. I don’t pretend to know anything about football (soccer), rugby, cricket, and horse racing. I don’t know the sports, and I’m not going to provide you with bad information. I will leave those sports to Jonathan, as he is from the UK and knows them much better.

As mentioned above, Jonathan Askew resides in the UK. He goes by the online name Casius14 in popular poker forums and affiliate forums. Jonathan is an avid sportsman. He regularly enjoys playing cricket, golf, darts, and football (soccer). He will be covering the following sports for

-  Football (soccer)
-  Rubgy
-  Cricket
-  Horse Racing
-  Golf
-  Tennis

Jonathan studied for three years at Northumbria University, and came out with a BA in Business Marketing. Jonathan is also a professional poker player. He supplements his income by writing content for various websites such as

Jonathan also writes for his own sites.  One of his newest articles is about iPhone betting sites.

Scott Jack is our resident hockey writer.  He also writes for other sports betting related sites.  You can see one of his articles on about sports betting sites. Scott Jack lives in Toronto, Canada and is a huge Leafs fan. He enjoys betting and one of his favourite sports is the NHL, which is the sport he has helped us cover at InPlayBettingLive. Scott writes for multiple sports betting sites and when he isn’t busy writing, he’s usually crunching numbers looking to find his next bet. Scott grew up playing hockey and loves betting of the NHL, but he also enjoys betting on other North American sports including NFL, NBA and MLB.
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